Our Past, Present, and Future

In a state with a history and culture as rich and as old as New Mexico's, Rio Rancho shines. In the heart of New Mexico, this City of vision offers many ways to enjoy the area's historic past, experience the colorful present, and meet the future.

Historic Roots

History beckons with nearby attractions in New Mexico that evolved over the centuries, with the Anasazi Indians and visits from the Hispanic explorer Coronado, to create a unique cultural tapestry of traditions and legends. The City of Rio Rancho began in the 1960s on 55,000 acres of land on the outskirts of Albuquerque. Today, Rio Rancho offers a cultural diversity within its population of about 95,000.

Rio Rancho Today

Rio Rancho is New Mexico's fastest growing and safest city. The City of Vision offers a relatively modern history, a wide range of cultural diversity, a contemporary infrastructure, and a visitor-friendly atmosphere. Wide-open vistas and the addition of modern amenities make the City of Rio Rancho truly a visionary place to visit.

An Exciting Future

The future is growing in Rio Rancho. As we take Rio Rancho into a vibrant and exciting new future, we invite you to see our City of Vision. The City Center downtown plans events, sports, and conventions at the Rio Rancho Events Center. We offer unique restaurants, specialty retailers, theaters, a movie studio, production facilities, and more.